My sketchbook is a really good tool for gathering and exploring new ideas, techniques and processes. I have been working with Hoax recently on a variety of projects, so here is a little insight into some of the ideas. It's great to be able to work with local companies and take my sketchbooks to meetings, I find being able to discuss and share ideas face-to-face makes such a difference compared to phone-calls & emails. 
16th July 2018
Something a bit different, my observational drawings on show at the Lady Norfolk and Lord Rust vintage store in Ipswich as part of the Rags Collective exhibition. My normal work didn't really fit with the shop aesthetic so it was suggested that I just draw the inventory. Thanks to those who came to and supported us on the opening night!
15th June 2018
I recently represented Suffolk New College at the 2017 Suffolk Show in Ipswich. My colleague and I had a great 2 days of painting this huge canvas/mural along with a few of our students. The canvas was used as a photo backdrop for the visitors of the show and will also be used for future SNC events. If you look real close, you can see a few of the weird faces I drew!
6 June 2017
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